Restore Balance with Restorative Yoga

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t always been a yoga fan. And definitely NOT restorative yoga.

In fact I often thought, without trying it, that it is far too slow and boring for my active mind.  I thought that if I have one hour to give myself it will not be in a slow yoga class when it can be in a high intensity muscle building, endorphin pumping, calorie burning class.  Boy was I wrong!



While higher intensity classes build strength, muscle and endurance, it is s important to slow down in a life that already tends to be fast-paced and stressful.  We do not realize the pressure we put on ourselves on a daily basis increasing the stress level cortisol which, in turn, causes weight gain, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Restorative postures are supported with props such as blocks, straps and blankets designed to maximize your comfort and allow you to ‘let go’.  Research has shown that Restorative Yoga decreases cortisol levels while relaxing your muscles, lowering your heart rate and giving your nervous system the time to restore.



An intense workout is rewarding but it comes with a price – stiff, sore and achy muscles.  Restorative Yoga helps release tense muscles and relieves joint aches.  Apart from the bodily benefits, this practice quickly transitions the mind and body from stress to calm almost immediately! For those of you who find falling sleep (or staying asleep) difficult Restorative Yoga and sleep complement  one another.

With such an active lifestyle and an active mind, I find I search for calming practices such as Restorative to allow me to sort my emotions and thoughts.  After a Restorative Yoga class I find myself more relaxed, calm, focused and I am far more effective.

As most of my clients know, I truly believe and encourage everyone to add in a Restorative Yoga class once a week into their lives.  If you’re feeling overworked, stressed, anxious, achy or simply have an injury you are recovering from try this sacred practice you will not regret it.