Kale Pancakes

I am sure many of you moms reading this post can agree with me that feeding kids can sometimes be a tough job. As parents we constantly worry about their diets. Are they getting enough? Are they eating the proper nutrients? Are they trying new foods? It’s a never-ending process.

I have to admit that my daughter Savannah is a voracious eater (and always has been). I remember during the baby puree food phase, she wasn’t at all interested in what was in these little jars.  She would grab at our chopped up table food with her little hands. It doesn’t take much convincing to have Savannah try something new.  Her diet includes a wide variety of vegetables, protein and good grains so I do not worry (as much) with her.  However some of my friends and clients have expressed their concern with their children’s diet and always wanting tips and tricks on getting more greens in – most importantly a variety of greens!

Vegetable pancakes are a great way to get those veggies in and are as good as a side dish as they are a main, topped with a soft boiled egg. You can whip up this batter in less than 20 minutes and freeze them so that you have them on hand. If have already let your toddler in on the wonderful world of pancakes, referring to them as such would be a good idea so they are open to giving them a try.

I want to make myself clear, I do not agree with sneaking vegetables into kids food.  There are short-term benefits to doing this but long-term it doesn’t teach them valuable eating habits. Disguising superfoods inside kids’ favorite meals to get them to eat more healthfully, is not the way to go. I think it essential that kids know what vegetables and ingredients are in their food so that they are learning about each vegetable and the various ways in which they can be eaten and taste! These kale pancakes are definitely not disguising themselves as anything other than what they truly are.


4 large kale leaves, stalks removed and finely shredded (2 cups worth of leaves)

1 egg

1 garlic clove, minced

1/2 cup chia seeds

1/2 cup hemp hearts

1/2 cup flax meal

Salt & pepper

1 teaspoon turmeric

grass-fed butter


Lightly steam kale in pan

In a blender combine steamed kale, egg, garlic, salt, pepper and turmeric

In a bowl, combine kale batter, chia seeds, hemp hearts and flax meal

Heat a large frying pan on medium-high heat. Add a small amount of butter to coat the pan. When pan is hot, scoop ½ cup mixture for each pancake and flatten out until 1cm thick. Cook for a few minutes until bottom is golden brown, flip and cook on the other side. Cooking time will be about 4-5 minutes per pancake.