From the Ground Up

Today I decided to get outside and ‘earth’ with Savannah. I have been feeling very displaced lately and feeling like I need to get grounded and centred.  I know when I am not fully grounded because I feel spacey and have difficulty focusing.  I sometimes misplace things (keys/phone, etc.) and my concentration is out the window! On these days when I feel all over the place – my thoughts, my actions, my emotions, carving the time out to sort through all of this is so important to me. I truly feel most connected when I am surrounded by nature, trees, birds, sun and now that I have discovered Earthing I cannot get enough of it! Seriously! I get home, take off my socks and with Savannah I walk around barefoot in the grass – it is amazing!  I believe that being grounded and present is all about awareness and about being conscious of how you feel as you move through life.  No one is perfect (that would be so boring) so when there are times you feel this way – try Earthing!

More and more research shows that by connecting to the earth’s electrical energy, you can improve your overall health. Pretty cool right!?


  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases sleep and energy
  • Promotes calmness

There is a physical connection between the electrical frequencies of the human body and that of the Earth’s. Making sure you’re barefoot when your feet touch the grass is key, as bare skin is conductive – it will feel silly the first time you do it but this will become part of your lifestyle because of how great it makes you feel! The earth has such incredible healing power.  Once you connect with nature in this way your scattered thoughts, displaced emotions and straight up craziness (LOL) will diminish and disappear – the world will then become a lot clearer.

I am definitely no parent guru, but I feel it is important to discover things with Savannah. In a world filled with stress, expectations, electronics, very little outdoor play or exposure, I hope to encourage Savannah to be able to self-regulate her emotions and feelings.  By giving her the opportunity to practice Earthing with me (through walking barefoot in the grass, making tree forts, helping me in our vegetable garden) and exposing her to the earth’s healing energy, I hope to  heighten her awareness naturally.