This first lovely lady that I have decided to feature and interview is someone who is very close to my heart.  Her name is Christina Prokos.  Christina is a Life Coach and Spiritual Healer.  She helps you connect with your authentic self and true desires, helping you create a positive life.

The famous saying “important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other” (Paulo Coelho) rings particularly true when it comes to my growing friendship with Christina that began three years ago in a coffee shop.  On the surface, Christina looks like an ordinary beautiful woman but there are layers and depths to her soul.  Have you ever witnessed a clairvoyant perform mediumship?  Christina came to meet with me to discuss eating healthier, control her sugar cravings and overall live a healthier lifestyle.  We discussed these topics and didn’t get through 10 minutes before she was reading me, providing me with heartfelt messages from past loved ones and providing me with closure, healing and a new direction in life.

I sat down with Christina to talk about what it’s like being a Spiritual healer and very powerful influencer in the Holistic and Spiritual industry.

Lisa:  When did you recognize that you had spiritual gifts?

Christina:  I believe I was about 2 years old and I remember thinking to myself I am looking at different perspectives far more than other individuals and I was really sensitive to my environment and everyone around me.  But what I realize now is that it wasn’t that I was being sensitive it was that I was showing vulnerability and I was just trying to make people see that if you just let yourself show these emotions you had the ability to be in your own space and grow from that.  However it became more and more of a contrast for me growing up so I was forced to cope with my gifts and dim them down.  It was not until about the age of 11 when I was confident I was psychic.  I was well aware at that age that I had the ability of clairvoyance, clearaudience and clairsentiant.  It seemed normal for me, up until high school, until I realized that no one knew nor understood what intuition was all about.  I fell into trying to fit in versus using my gifts and putting them into a skill set however I have always been a teacher.  I have always, always, always helped. I always made sure people, regardless of their circumstance, were helped and finding solutions to their problems or giving advice.


christina in workshop


Lisa:  You truly change peoples’ lives, what part of your practice do you love the most?

Christina:  I do not look at what I do as ‘work’ so when I am in my space and in the zone of what I am doing it is innate in me and it becomes a part of me expressing myself.  So it gives me the ability to be real and to see individuals accept me the way I am.  The best part of my practice is me being ME and allowing myself not to get lost in the perspective of it being work.

Lisa: You often say that everyone has the ability to be intuitive.  How can someone tap into their natural clairvoyance and intuition?

Christina:  I believe that there is an organic process when it comes to intuition.  We all have an internal guidance system and its very important that we understand how feelings are.  Its important to get in tune with your feelings far more than you trying to master being clairvoyant or clairsentiant or clairaudient.  Everyone has their own unique gifts which means even if you are an artist you have the ability to express yourself intuitively through your art because you are using your felt perception.  When I say how to tap into your specific gift and your intuition, it is listening to your emotions/feelings and allowing the process to guide you organically.  You will then find that your guides, angels and the team you have with you, will help you go towards your path.  Healing comes in different forms for everyone – one may give healing through Reiki, another through food or even a simple hug can provoke healing to another being.  It is about you knowing who YOU are and staying true to your ‘self’ by taping into your felt perception.  Remember that your internal guidance system is never wrong and that in itself is your innate intuition.

Lisa: People search for their true purpose in this life, how would you suggest that someone communicate with their Higher Self for inspiration and guidance?

Christina: When it comes to ‘true purpose’,you need to stay in your true joy.  I come across many who feel unsatisfied in their current work situation or role or maybe it is dissatisfaction at home regardless of the situation many people do things because they feel it is correct.  This very little thing pulls them away from their true joy and causes them not to recognize what their true joy actually is.  You must realize that, the older you get, the more you are pulled away from your joy and most importantly from aspects of yourself.  In order for someone to communicate with their higher ‘self’ or be guided you must be in a state of relaxation, calm and allow your energy to be raised naturally.  Be aware that if you are in a very toxic environment you will not be able to connect with your higher self.  Higher self being is your true aspect of who you truly are.  It is the version of yourself that is whole, pure and beautiful and it already exists in unity with you.  It is a matter of you remembering to connect to that essence.  Inspiration only comes from a place of joy so if you are in the state of wanting to be creative, you are already in alignment to receiving the guidance that you need. So make sure to always think ‘what brings me joy’; ‘how do I move into the space of what brings me joy’.


christina raw and honest


Lisa:  Many people live with fear, phobias, negative belief patterns, etc. how can one reprogram their unconscious mind?

Christina:  We never want to reprogram the mind what we want to do, again, is step into the felt perception.  Negative beliefs, negative patterns, phobias, etc. stem from inner child trauma.  It is important to look at your environment from childhood and really take notice of all the patterns that you have adopted.  As much as we are adults we are still children living with that perception of feeling.  This ‘felt perception’ occurs in womb until about the age of 8.  As a child you absorb your environment and that transpires to mimicking this behaviour and belief patterns in your adult life.  Those individuals who have severe fears and negative patterns have often suffered quite a fare amount of abuse and trauma in their lives.  This is often blocked in their memory and comes out as these fears, phobias and negative patterns.  Getting into the space of doing inner child work, would shift the feelings towards the phobias, the patterns and any negative thoughts.

Lisa:  Meditation is a very hot topic these days.  How should one implement meditation in their daily life?

Christina:  Meditation comes in various forms and is not the stereotypical seated position with legs crossed.  It can be movement meditation such as tai-chi or chi-gong or a simple act of gardening.  Meditation is anything that moves you away from toxic environments and toxic thought patterns and getting you into a space of calm.  Meditation is a beneficial practice and I would highly recommend beginning with guided meditations.  Begin lying down on your back and focusing on the language in these meditations and understanding what meditation is about.  From there, you may want to deepen your practice and find a meditation group or a workshop where you can connect with like-minded souls that are on the same energy frequency as you. If time is a factor, incorporate 5-6 minutes of deep breathing (also a form of meditation) at your desk, having a calming camomile tea and incorporating more calm into your life.  Mindfulness is being aware of your triggers and understanding the feelings that come along when triggered.  Setting an intention in the morning, before beginning your day, is often very helpful for many people. This could be a simple act like starting a gratitude journal to move you into a space of creating more joy.

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Lisa: What is the meaning of life and how can one feel completely fulfilled and happy?

Christina:  Here is the reality of the situation, we are species constantly evolving.  The whole purpose of life is to evolve, to grow, to expand, to learn through contrast and to align with everything you have always desired.  Happiness is a tricky word because happiness for everyone varies.  We are a species that always desires more (which is okay because it allows for more expansion!) and so even if we are in a state of being happy we are unaware of it because we are desiring more.  Feeling completely fulfilled is finding your joy and being more and more authentic with yourself.  Feeling happy is doing things that feel good, walking away from negative situations and toxic individuals (anything that doesn’t serve your higher good), honouring your boundaries, speaking your truth, being honest with yourself (which allows you to be honest with others) and being creative in YOUR OWN expression.  Refrain from mimicking others behaviours and patterns because you have the ability to be as authentic and creative as you need to be for yourself.  Honour your personal gifts which will raise the frequency of your energy and you will align with happiness.



Lisa:  What do you do in your past time when you are not with clients?

Christina:  Funny enough I am always teaching.  If I am not with clients or running a workshop, I am always listening to what is going on in my environment and paying attention to see how things are a reflection of me.  But I do have fun! LOL I really enjoy being creative so I paint and draw and I enjoy spending time with friends and going to the beach.  Anything that makes me feel good and makes me grounded and calm.

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