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Guest writer/Lover of all things art/New Mama

To Danielle, nothing’s better than family, good food and sunshine, preferably at the same time.  She loves yoga, travelling, creating art of any kind – writing, photography, painting, etc.  When she’s not working in what she considers the most creative side of business (marketing & events), you can find her hanging with her hubby and new baby.

Rebecca Farone Bio and Pic

Beauty & Fashion Expert/Make-up Artist/Vegan

Rebecca has a Make-up and Fashion Design background and is inspired by the beauty in everyday things.  She is passionate about life and has recently taken a strong interest in Nutrition and Fitness.  Rebecca has created her own delicious vegan and gluten-free chocolate cookie that is exclusively sold at PurEnergy Wellness Lofts.  She is a regular contributor to Wellnesspreneur and enjoys sharing her experiences and expertise with others.


Creative Manager/Graphic Designer

Maker of Things. Catcher of Dreams. Forever looking ahead.

Daniela makes our site look creative!  She believes that life is about creating yourself and is exceptionally passionate

about theatre, music and health!  To Daniela, it is the little details that are vital.  When she is not designing, you will find her rocking out at a concert or juicing!  For more information about Daniela, check out her website @