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8 years ago I decided to rid my life of anything that did not represent me wholeheartedly.  From the food that I eat, to the make-up that I put on my face, to the clothing and accessories I wear.  It truly came down to the Art of Simplicity and representing companies and brands that align to my lifestyle.
It is no denying that I love beautiful things and a beautiful style of life. I was ecstatic to receive an email from Jord Wood Watches asking me to join their Holiday Campaign in promoting and representing their Cassia Series Walnut & Vintage Rose women’s watch.  For me, when wearing Jord it represents more than showcasing a healthy and authentic person, it represents a person who has an opinion of their own, speaks their mind out loud and has the courage to live life on their own terms and chooses authenticity over everything. This brand represents all that I am embody.
When this watch arrived to my doorstep I was initially impressed with the thoughtful styling of the packaging. All Jord watches are packaged in an intelligent design. The box that surrounds the watch is wood with magnets to safely keep the box closed and the watch safe. Included in the box is humidity control and a natural finishing oil to keep your watch looking timeless.
If you look at women’s watches today you will see a sea of similar staring back at you. This Walnut & Vintage Rose watch has thoughtful styling and is meant for the unique woman. Its vintage look and domed sapphire crystal glass creates a pretty and soft design allowing women to look and feel feminine.
I decided to switch over my accessories to eco-friendly ones that use natural raw materials. This series uses natural walnut and is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. It is natural, durable and environmentally friendly. Apart from its beauty, this watch makes a statement that you care about the environment and what companies you spend your money on. As a health and wellness blogger, I was attracted to this watch, not only for its vintage and trendy design, but because wood is good for health and wellbeing. Wood watches are healthier than mainstream metal and aluminium ones. Exposure to wood products could create similar health benefits to those created by spending time in nature. As someone who has sensitive skin, switching over to wood products was the ideal decision as they tend to be hypoallergenic and do not require chemical cleaning solution.  This watch is cleaned with Lemon or orange oil extract.
The Cassia Walnut and Vintage Rose watch is a vision of versatility and truly a piece worthy of your wrist that you should welcome into your jewelry wardrobe. I am offering all of my followers a 25% off coupon . Treat yourself, and someone special, this Holiday Season and purchase this timepiece that transcends the simple categorization of a watch.
Happy Holidays xx

I am a highly sensitive person and I often feel more than I can express sometimes.  I pick up emotions from people around me and the environment quite easily.  Many times I feel emotions that I know are not mine and only recently have I learned ways to control them.  I am not perfect and sometimes the emotions are so strong that they spiral out of control and I get into a panic and anxious state.  These are the times that I feel very vulnerable and off balance.

These feelings, at times, can be so heavy and draining.  When I am in this state the emotions are suffocating and I instantly feel overwhelmed – not only by my own feelings, but by those of others around me or even by those who are far away, but with whom I am energetically connected to.

As a kid growing up I was very involved in athletic sports – any sport you name it I played it.  Sports can be very grounding and now I understand why I excelled in this area of my life. As a child I was very quiet and introverted (crazy to think I know!) but I was an observer, I took all in and released nothing.  As I got older these emotions carried with me and I released them through exercise and sports not understanding that I was truly in my element when participating in these activities.  They instantly made me feel balanced, strong and at peace.  They still do.

I have always been one who needs and enjoys her solitude. In fact, I get stir-crazy if I do not get quiet time. Past friends of mine used to make strong comments to me like “oh right Lisa likes to be alone” or “I know you like to be by yourself” as if this is a bad trait to have.  However if they only understood that this is a necessary trait that I need in order to function.  Solitude is where I find peace and where most of my questions are answered.

Grounding for me is an essential skill that I have had to learn.  It allows me to be present in my body and connected with the earth, allowing me to feel more centered and balanced regardless of what is going on around me. Particularly in my line of work I have had to make this a daily ritual for me both in the morning and in the evening.  I begin the day with a grounding meditation, followed by journaling.  I end my day with clearing all energy attached to me by burning sage and inviting the sacred smoke around my body from head to toe and front to back as I say a little prayer. I open all windows to allow the energy to leave.

If there are days when you feel off-balanced or that your energy is all over the place do not try to make sense of it.  Step into nature and surround yourself with Earth.  Take deep breaths and just feel your body relax.  Nourish yourself from the inside-out and rest.



Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!  This sweet crystalline substance, consisting essentially of sucrose, has become a large part of the modern diet.  Research shows that sugar is addictive, stimulating the same pleasure centres (dopamine) of the brain as cocaine or heroin.  Society today has lost control over their consumption of sugar, allowing processed foods (a.k.a junk food) to change our brain chemistry making us crave more and ultimately buy and eat more.

Are you addicted to sugar? Do you search for something sugary throughout the day? Do you find it difficult to stop eating sugar once you have started? Do you crave sugar? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to start cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume in a day.


Eating high amounts of refined carbohydrate and/or sugar can give us a false sense of comfort by altering our mood. The reason why sugar makes us feel good, is it moves more of the amino acid tryptophan across our blood brain barrier.  The amino acid gets converted to serotonin in our brain (which is the feel-good neurotransmitter).  The problem with doing this, long-term, is that our cells become insulin resistant and we need more and more sugar to get the same effects.  The more sugar we eat also increases the amount of inflammation in our brain.

Our brains see sugar as a reward and the more sugar you eat; the more you are rewarding yourself making it harder to kick the habit.  Unfortunately, this bad habit begins from childhood as sugar is often used as a reward.  “If you eat your broccoli I will give you a lollipop”, “if you do your homework, I will give you a piece of candy” these are just some examples of how sugar is used as a reward.  Although many of us see a little candy here and there as harmless, the issue truly lies in the subliminal message that we are giving our children.  Children begin to associate the feeling of ‘happy’ and “accomplishment” with sugar resulting in long-term effects.  Understanding what your triggers are for craving sugar will allow for you to break the habit.  Do you reach for something sweet when you feel happy, accomplished, excited, stressed or a need to self-soothe? Not having a treat ever is unrealistic however making it from scratch and using natural ingredients and natural forms of sugar is key.  What is also important is to break the connection between sugar and providing a reward to yourself, simply look at the treat as something you are going to enjoy with no harm.

Many of us think a little sugar here and there is harmless but the amount we consume on a daily and weekly basis can creep up on us without realizing.  Processed sugar (table sugar, soda, candy, etc.) is also referred to as a simple carbohydrate.  After entering into your body it floods your bloodstream with glucose in a short period of time, causing a drastic sugar spike (this is where the term “crash” comes in).  This puts tremendous stress on the body, particularly the pancreas.  Your body converts blood glucose to energy through the hormone insulin.  The function of the pancreas is to create and release insulin into the blood to process the glucose.  Consuming sugar frequently will have long-term effects on the pancreas inevitably causing pancreatic failure (a.k.a diabetes).

What does sugar-free mean? It is a lifestyle free of refined sugar (such as processed foods, white flours, cakes, candies, etc.).  be aware when products say “sugar-free” or “diet” it simply means that chemicals have been added to replace the actual sugar.  Moving towards a sugar-free lifestyle should be exciting and filled with tons  of fruits and vegetables and lots of colour to keep you wanting more!  Consult a Nutritionist if you find you need more direction on what foods to stay away from and what types of foods and meals to incorporate.


Steps on how to start a sugar-free lifestyle

  1. Cleanse:  Clean out your fridge and cupboards of all processed sugar
  2. Fill your fridge with whole foods
  3. Incorporate fat and protein with each meal
  4. Have a nutrient dense breakfast to start off your day with high energy!
  5. Add sweet spices like cinnamon, cardamon, anise, etc.
  6. Eat regularly to keep your blood sugar levels balanced (no spikes)
  7. Move your body