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Looking for clearer, spot-free glowing skin?  If you answered YES than check out my top 6 tips!


  1. Cleanser:  After washing your face with warm water, apply your cleanser.  The key here is to find a cleanser that contains gentle, plant-based ingredients.  Which means toss away your harsh cleansers which will only dry out your skin only to leave you with a dry, flaky and dull complexion.
  2. Toner: You don’t need it! Yes I said it!  Get rid of it! I just saved you money 😉 Toners were created to restore the pH balance of your skin after using those harsh cleansers.  However, if you’re using a gentle plant-based cleanser they are usually pH balanced therefore not needing a toner (it will only dry out your skin).
  3. Day Cream: Yes this step is important as it hydrates and protects your skin.  Lean towards purchasing a plant-based moisturizer (natural oils and essential fatty acids absorb quickly) and antioxidants (bioflavonoids) which are not found in synthetic products.
  4. Exfoliate: Exfoliation is vital for new skin cells to reproduce. As new skin cells come in on your own skin cycle, the old skin cells push to the surface giving us a dull complexion. It is essential to exfoliate 2-3 times a week.
  5. Eat your greens: A plant-based diet provides your body and skin with the proper vitamins and minerals you need to GLOW. Avoid caffeine and sugar as they dull the skin. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Clear, beautiful skin is hydrated skin!
  6. Exercise: Your skin is the largest organ for detoxification. Sweating helps regulate body temperature, eliminate toxins and improve blood flow.

In Toronto we all know that summer is coming to an end when the Canadian National Exhibition begins.  It is hard to believe this considering the sunny, hot and humid weather we are still experiencing.

Don’t let fear of the sun get in the way of you enjoying your last few weeks of summer. We have your essential skin protection tips, so you’re all set to get plenty of endorphin boosting and essential vitamin D! Sunscreen isn’t the only way, or best way, to protect your skin. Skin is our bodies largest organ, soaking in all that it is exposed to, so its crucial to be aware of what is in the products you use. Some sunscreens are filled with harmful chemicals, such as parabens and salicylates. Not to fret, because nature has some sun protecting options that wont make you miss out on all the fun!



Protecting your skin from the inside out can work wonders. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants which can protect skin from free radicals imposed by the suns rays. Broccoli can help by boosting your bodies production of protective enzymes that repel radiation damage. In addition, drinking carrot juice also boosts antioxidants in the body, preventing skin damage by neutralizing those free radicals. The best part, after consuming broccoli and carrot juice, your body can still protect the skin days later!  Don’t know where to start or what to concoct first?  No sweat, you can get some of my skin-lovin recipes in my eBook Healthy is Sexy.



Tasty Carrot Juice Recipe


2 cups coconut water

2 cups organic carrots

1/2 orange

1 tablespoon of lime


Place all ingredients in a juicer and pour over ice


More healthy protection alternatives can be applied topically, and your skin will thank-you for it. Natural oils all contain tocopherol, carotenoids, and essential fatty acids, which render soft nourished skin, and combat harmful UV rays. Coconut oil, avocado oil, raspberry seed oil, and carrot seed oil are just a few with the highest amounts of SPF.

Try the recipe below for healthy soft skin, while shielding yourself from sunshine rays this summer.

Shea Butter: 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons

Coconut Oil: 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon

Raspberry Seed oil: 1 Tablespoon il_340x270.797132423_1c4m


In a small saucepan melt shea butter and coconut oil

Remove pan from heat and add raspberry oil

Stir until combined and transfer to a glass jar

Store in a cool dry place (use within six months)



Just like we protect our skin from the sun, our hair needs some coverage too. Allowing hair to be in the harsh sunlight for too long can dull down colour and dry it out, making your hair appear brittle. Keep those strands glossy by using my frizz-free ointment recipe to preserve moisture. If anything, pack a sun hat with you on your next outdoorsy adventure.

2. Be gentle

Hot tools are great for achieving those sleek styles, but should be used sparingly. Heat styling hair will eventually dry out and weaken the strands, causing breakage. If hot tools are your go-to, infuse moisture back into your locks.  Try my coconut milk conditioning recipe and experiment with getting hair to dry naturally wavy in braids or twisted buns (perfect summer look!)

3.  Eating Healthy

We tend to focus more on taking care of our locks from the outside, however what happens on the inside is just as important! If your hair is looking dull and lifeless it could be a result of an improper diet. Our hair is mostly made of keratin protein, so we need to nourish our hair by eating lots of healthy proteins resulting in those lustrous locks. Try out my Pumpkin Seed Pesto Dip.

4.  Massage

Who doesn’t absolutely love a scalp massage, especially one given  by someone else! I think this has to be my favourite part of going to the hair salon! A 2-5 minute scalp massage brings much needed blood flow to the scalp, not only is tension relived from the strands but it allows for the circulation of oxygen nourishing the hair shaft.

5. Prepare  

With this incredibly hot weather we have been having, most of us cannot resist but take a plunge in the pool to cool off.   We must prepare before we take a dip in the salt-water or chlorine as they are both major culprits of dry hair. Coating your hair with a conditioner and using a shower or bathing cap prior to swimming can stop harsh water from absorbing in.

6. Start Fresh

It is best to limit the use of chemical-filled shampoos, conditioners, soaps and products.  These products along with hard water residue, build up on the scalp, creating a layer that can clog the follicle. It is ideal to remove any build-up on the scalp if you long for soft and shiny hair. Rinse with apple cider vinegar or use my ‘give me those longer locks’ recipe once a week and feel your hair bounce back.

7. Moisturize 

Hair naturally builds up moisturizing oils on our scalp, but since these are so often washed away we need to re-infuse the hydration. Hair treatments are a great way to get moisture back into the strands and natural oils work wonders.  I recommend coconut oil as an overnight mask or leave on for 30-60 minutes as a pre-shampoo application.

8. De-Stress

We all know stress is bad for you, its lesser known effect is the toll on your hair. It effects the condition and appearance of your hair and learning how to manage the effects of stress can revive your dull strands. Engaging in yoga and mediation can ease your mind, boost your overall health and bring your hair back to life!



Looking to nourish and revitalize your skin? Look no further than your fridge!  Avocado’s are packed with vitamins and contain a high concentration of essential fatty acids which is naturally found in skin cells.  This beauty mask will keep your skin smooth and supple, helping with any acne and slowing down the aging process.

Ingredientspic 5

1 avocado

1 tablespoon of yogurt


Mash avocado until creamy, add yogurt and apply to face leaving on for 20 minutes

You can find more Beauty recipes in my eBook Healthy is Sexy

Don’t get me wrong my beautification process is like a religion, but its hard to know where to draw the line from putting your best ‘face’ forward, to completely covering up your true beauty. It is easy to forget we are all imperfect when we are constantly bombarded with images of unattainable perfection. Somewhere along the way all the hype made it okay to alter our unique qualities, forgetting that these raw qualities are the very things that make us beautiful.  Not embracing our raw beauty is chipping away at our whole selves. Without it we would be swept up into the eternal cycle of contouring and highlighting, not that I don’t love a good contour!


The thing about trying to cover flaws is that it will never end. There will always be that one other thing we can do to achieve the ideal standard of perfection and yet, it still won’t be enough! I don’t know about you but the myriad of beauty products, photo-editing apps and celebrity make-up tutorials can become overwhelming. This cycle means trading in your authenticity for approval and no one should have to work that hard to get anyone else’s say-so, because our perfectly imperfect selves are more than enough. Knowing that is embracing raw beauty and any extra mascara you want to add on after that is all you, because you know your real worth comes from the inside out. Hiding and burying who we are doesn’t allow us to have meaningful connections with ourselves.  Building self-worth and confidence is self-love and true raw beauty.  Maybe raw is the new black.