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My name is Lisa Manzo and I am a registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N), a Personal Trainer, author of the book Healthy is Sexy and the founder of PurEnergy Wellness Lofts in Toronto. Apart from my business titles, I am a wife and mother.

All of these titles are wonderful, but serve a specific purpose: they give me the ability to fulfill a dream.  My mission statement –  if you will – is to bring each and every person I encounter a positive and lasting experience.  I want to motivate and inspire you.  It’s important to me that each and every one of you leaves this blog with a deep connection and excitement about life and the positive changes that can come when we focus on nutrition, wellness (both spiritual and physical) and fitness.  I’m motivated and passionate about everything I do; helping others to live a healthy and happy life is my life mission.   I lived a holistic lifestyle before ever knowing what it truly was.  It was just somehow part of me.

Every person is unique, and therefore has individual needs for nutrition or fitness. My primary emphasis is to always focus on wellbeing and happiness.  Food has become a negative thing, and we need to fall in love with our food again, realizing that it is the substance that fuels our bodies.  I want to help you create a positive relationship with food, your body and your life, so that you feel loved, vibrant and beautiful every single day.  My eyes sparkle knowing that I can walk this journey with other people and know that they will benefit from all of this.